Reclaim your sacred sexuality and step into the fullness of your most wild, raw, authentic expression


 Breathe this in:


There is nothing you need from me; nothing I can give you that you don’t already possess within you. Stepping into a container with me is an invitation into the deep, the dark, the messy, the holy and the sacred. It is the most intimate way to work with me if you are yearning to be truly seen, supported, loved without shame or judgment, and be held fiercely accountable. In this container I get to truly see you and most importantly you get to truly see yourself come undone, expand, transform, fully and freely express, die so you can live fully—this is ALCHEMY baby. Here you are WILDLY and EROTICALLY devoted to embodying the woman you were always meant to be, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. This may not be a comfortable or quick fix type process, as we will be riding all your edges. But on the other side of your comfort zone awaits your full fuck YESSSS LIBERATION and the life you may have only dreamed of up until now.

You feelin’ me? Let’s ride.

This is for you if you desire to

  • Deeply heal and smash shame around your sexual and sensual expression.
  • Reclaim your sexuality as holy and sacred.
  • Unlock you Queen Codes and become the embodiment of an empowered, sovereign Queen.
  • Unleash your Wild Woman and most raw, unapologetic, authentic expression.
  • Release fear of judgment, share your voice, and remember who the fuck you are.
  • Tap into your erotic intelligence and primal power.
  • Claim pleasure as your birthright.
  • Own your pussy magick and power.
  • Co-create your life turned on, dripping wet, and juicy so you can magnetize all that you desire from the highest frequency available.

A Taste of what you’ll experience while working with me

  • Uncover core wounding & limiting beliefs that are blocking you from living in your full feminine radiance and magnetism.
  • Meet your inner Dark Goddess.
  • Dive deep within the depths of your shadows and integrate them so you can embody your wholeness.
  • Unlock your throat chakra and tap into the power of your voice.
  • Develop a fierce sense of self love and worth.
  • Heal the relationship to your yoni/pussy and reclaim the power she holds.
  • Develop a micro-dosing protocol and reverent relationship with the sacred plant teachers.



Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions each month (Quantity based on 1,3, or 6 month Container)


Unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp support for accountability, empowerment, connection, and celebration



Personalized practices, rituals, self reflection, & exploration


For 1 Month Mentorship


4 x 60 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video every week

For 3 Month Mentorship


6 x 90 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via zoom every 2 weeks

For 6 Month Mentorship


12 x 90 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video every 2 weeks

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Once submitted, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours.