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Sacred Rage Alchemy

What is Sacred Rage?

Rage and Anger are often discouraged from being expressed. In our society and in our upbringing (especially as women) it is discouraged to express our anger and it is so consuming that we learn to fear or suppress it.

When we honor our Anger or Rage as holy & sacred and allow it to be expressed in a safe and healthy way, this allows us to tap into the great wisdom and power that is underneath it. This can be vital for women's health and wellbeing as it can help to relieve depression and anxiety as well as a number of physical conditions including migraines, fatigue, liver conditions, digestive issues and more.

Through this sacred ceremonial space we can tap deeply into our internal mystery and connection with our bodies, ancestors and Mother Earth. Many of us carry the wounding and unprocessed anger or rage from our own lives, ancestral lineage, the collective feminine as well as Mother Earth. We will use the tools of breath, sound, drumming, shaking and movement to connect to our primal nature, our dark feminine essence and the root of our Rage as we allow it to move through us, alchemizing our deepest pain into power.

This Alchemical Sacred Ceremony is a very potent container for you to meet and step fully into your own fire and power as you develop a healthy relationship with your Anger and Rage. This is a RECLAMATION. One where you will feel empowered to develop healthy boundaries, finding the discernment between your true “Yes” and “No” with yourself and others. The benefits of releasing what has been carried for so long can bring great relief, feeling much lighter, making space to embrace life more fully, with more love, appreciation and fierce grace.