Private Shamanic Ceremonies

Incorporating ancient technologies and shamanic wisdom for deep healing, awakening, and heart expansive transformations.

A big part of what makes my work unique as a coach is my connection to the sacred plant medicine teachers. I hold a deep reverence for all these medicines, as they have had such a profound impact on my own healing and transformation.

The medicine ceremonies I hold for my clients are life transformative. And that’s because I have a gift~I open up portals.

Over the past 10 years I have become a very experienced shamanic priestess and space holder for many of my clients in the ceremony space. I have cultivated a deep sense of safety, rootedness within my own being, a wide open heart and a clear vessel–and it's from this frequency that I create and hold ceremonial space from.

When used in a sacred and ceremonial container these medicines offer us the opportunity to see our lives through the lens of the heart instead of the illusions of the ego.

The sacred plant teachers have the power to:

  • Open our hearts and provide us the opportunity for forgiveness of self and others.
  • Can help us heal childhood & ancestral trauma, wounding and reveal patterns that are not serving our highest embodiment.
  • Tap us into our innate wisdom, immense power, and limitless potential.
  • Can often connect us to our unique gifts, creative expression, and the essence of our life’s purpose.

Time and time again I witness my clients excavate from the inside out. Shedding layer after layer as they allow all the parts of themselves that are no longer in alignment with who they are becoming to die.

Post ceremony, I witness my clients rocket launch on their paths after being stuck in the same trauma loops and destructive patterns often for lifetimes.

I watch in awe as they find their roots and reclaim their self worth, fierce self love, power & sovereignty.

It will be my honor to serve you.